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Culture means every kind of struggle which is used to serve all the fields of human life. In other words, the simultaneous development and growth in citizenship and civilization is known as culture.

Civilization is the prioritization of theoretical reflections like law, politics, sociology and ethics etc. as a result of which man can possess the right approach and opinion.

Citizenship is the development and prioritization of experimental sciences, for example, medicine, engineering and agriculture etc. It is denoted as citizenship because it is related with city life. A man gets settled in a city by possessing its resources such as property and jobs etc.  Therefore, citizenship enables a person to possess his surroundings and it also enables the favourable circumstances for him.

For a person, citizenship and civilization, both are important so that the reflections and situations of people remain straightened, and their life gets improved. A country which leaves human values and ethics behind and acquires materialistic development only as its standard, such country is a materialistic and not a civilized country. As such the development of western countries is materialistic rather than a civilized one. The West has ignored the ethical and human values and only cared about the materialistic development. Whereas, Islam has valued the human, it has raised his status and position, and proposed an excellent culture which is vital for the survival of humanity.


Islamic culture means those rules and regulations and ethical values which Islam has proposed for the human society. These rules and regulations raise the status and position of human and support him in the materialistic development. Hence, they make his life easier.


In Islamic culture, an individual is the first step in the construction of the society. If the individual is improved, then it means the society is improved, and the society is able to fulfill the responsibility of the protection of cultural heritage and its expansion. For the same reason, Islam brought such teachings and rules and regulations which correct an individual and fill his life with happiness and comfort. Islam has given such teachings to an individual that improve his personality, soul, mind and body.

After the improvement and correction of an individual, Islam pays attention to the society which is literally based on people. Islam persuades them for mutual relations, goodness and piety so that they settle this earth; and find out its hidden treasures which Allah has kept for the service of humanity and its happiness. Our ancestors have fulfilled their responsibilities well. They preserved this cultural heritage, transferred it to us and preached the whole world about it.


There are three types of Islamic culture:

  1. 1. HISTORIC CULTURE (CULTURE OF THE COUNTRY): This is the culture which every Islamic country has proposed in order to raise the status and position of human and for his service. While presenting the culture of countries, we should explain the history of these countries which have expanded this culture and its circle; which has made it successful such as agriculture, manufacturing, education, relations among countries, hence all those achievements which Islamic countries have made in different fields.

This is the culture that Islam has presented for the service of the entire humanity. It consists of all those teachings, which Islam has proposed in numerous fields of life such as beliefs, politics, economy, justice, training etc. for their betterment. This is because the survival of humanity and its fortune is based on the improvement of these fields.


It is known as the revival of the culture. Muslims awakened this culture; they served it and presented it to the entire humanity after further improvement.  Many cultures and sciences had become extinct, and then Muslims reformed and vitalized them and covered them with ethical covering which they had acquired from Islam. That is why the western authors commented that Islamic culture is acquired from the ancient cultures like Greek and Roman cultures, although Arabs changed the physical form of all these cultures and reformed them to a new shape, as a result of which this culture appeared in an  independent form.

But this proposition is literally incorrect, it does not have any authentic foundation or any reason behind it, as Islamic culture is itself a pure Islamic civilization which is totally different from other cultures. Its foundation is based on this Islamic belief that the religion of Allah is to be implemented on the servants of Allah. Its purpose is not merely the materialistic development. If it only had the main purpose of materialistic development like other cultures, so it would not have contained the benefits for people and the entire humanity.

As far as the acquisition of other cultures is concerned, so this is its quality not a flaw. It means that Islamic culture opens the closed doors of Muslim wisdom and prepares it to accept the appropriate and available aspects of other nations, provided that they are according to the Islamic teachings and should not conflict them. Benefitting from the ancient cultures and civilizations does not undermine the importance of Islamic culture. It is the compulsory rule of evolution that the end of the previous initiates the new. Then the new culture adds numerous new things in it so that the task would be completed which was initiated by the previous culture.