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Sunnah Practices of Hajj

A Muslim intending to perform Hajj ought first to save the required money for the journey out of his halal earnings. If he is indebted, he must first repay his debt. If he owes any dues to other people, he should clear them. And after disposing all his pending matters, he should seek divine help and make a firm will to perform Hajj purely to seek the pleasure of Allah. While embarking upon the Hajj journey he should observe the proper manners of journey. While in transit he must observe the practices of the Messenger of Allah in this respect. Therefore, some of the practices of the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) during Hajj are described below:

  • Take particular care to chant “Labbaik” regularly after wearing Ihram and at the end of each salat. The full wording of talbiyah is

لبیک اللھم لبیک ،لبیک لا شریک لک لبیک ،ان الحمد والنعمۃلک والملک لا شریک لک

(ابو داؤد )

Allahumma labbaik. Labbaik la shareeka Lak. Innal hamd wanne’mata lak wal-Mulk.  La shareeka lak” [“O my God, I am here at Thy call. I am here. There is no co-partner of Thee. All praise, bounty and sovereignty are for Thee. There is no co-partner of Thee”] (Abu Dawood). It is commendable to repeat talbiyah frequently. Labbaik should be chanted with loud voice. Keep chanting it while riding a vehicle and alighting from it and when ascending above and descending below an after performing each salat. One has to keep chanting talbiyah from time to time right from the day of wearing Ihram up to the tenth of Zul-Hijjah till the throwing of first pebble on the Jamarah Aqabah.

  • Perform tawaf of Ka’ba on arrival.
  • Perform two cycles of nafil salat after this tawaf.
  • Spend the night of Arafah Day in Mina and perform the salat of all five times in Mina on the day of Tarwiya.
  • After departing from Mina for Makkah one should visit Al-muhassab Valley.
  • One should attend the sermons of Hajj. The first sermon is delivered on the seventh of Zul-Hijjah in the Ka’ba, the second on the Day of Arafah in the plain of Arafat, and the third on the second day of stay at Mina.
  • Stay at Muzdalifah and combine the salats of Maghrib and ‘Ishaa after the departure from Arafat.
  • Drink the water of Zamzam as much as possible.
  • Perform nafl prayers and tawaf as much as possible. One should also keep supplicating Allah and do good deeds.