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SPECIAL OCCASIONS when supplications are Answered


  • “During last portion of night” for during this period of time specifically Allah’s mercy is directed toward His servants. (Bukhari, Muslim)
  • Lailatul Qadr “Night of decree “(Tirmizi)
  • An unspecific time on Friday.(Muslim)
  • During times between Imam’s sitting on the pulpit till the completion of prayer. (Hisn Haseen)
  • Friday night (Abu Dawood)
  • Between Azan “Call to Salat” and Iqamat “Start of Salat”.(Abu Dawood)
  • After obligatory salat. (Tirmizi)
  • Prayer on the day of Arafah. (Tirmizi)
  • While drinking Zamzam(Mustadrak Hakim)
  • While breaking fast.
  • At time of recitation of the Holy Quran and after completion of the Holy Quran. (Tirmizi)
  • When Imam completes recitation of Suratul Fateha by saying “Waladdalleen”. (Bukhari).

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