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Obstacles to Hajj

 Certain matters which may act as obstacles to performance of Hajj are as follows:


  1. The parents have the right to forbid their children from going to perform a nafil It is commendable upon the children to seek the permission of their parents.
  2. A married woman is bound to seek the permission of her husband to perform nafil Hajj or Umrah. She cannot do if the husband forbids her. According to some jurists the husband is entitled to forbid her from the performance of obligatory Hajj too. But in the opinion of the majority of scholars, she can perform her obligatory Hajj even without the permission of her husband.
  3. A slave-owner has the right to prevent his bondman from performing both the obligatory and nafil Hajj.
  4. If somebody is imprisoned unjustly or is constrained by some other limitations.
  5. A creditor has the right to prevent his debtor who is capable of performing Hajj from departing for Hajj. However, if the loan taken is a deferred loan, then he can proceed to Hajj.