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Islam & Faith

Faith [belief] is that in which a man believes firmly and is satisfied with it completely. There is no scope of doubt here. This identifies a man’s religion, stand and the way of life. The human history is full of various beliefs; people worshipped various things from idols, to stars and other heavenly bodies. They also took kings as their lords and were cheated to consider the satans as their gods. For doing so, they referred to their forefathers who, too, had been worshipping them. Contrary to this, there had also been people who worshipped only One God as their real worshiped entity. They only, in fact, are Muslims who are firm and strict in their faith and scarify all they possess for this.
Faith, in fact, is to believe by heart, confess by tongue and fulfill its demands that relate to action. A shortcoming in either of the aspects renders faith lifeless; rather negates it. Faith is the illuminating lamp that lightens the highway of life; it is the key that solve all problems.
In the history of beliefs, it is Islamic Faith that is the clearest and simplest of all. It is non-complicated. It has no philosophical complications, inner mysteries, perversities or crookedness. This is why right-minded people, turned to it in every age and finding it natural and logical, embraced it to get auspiciousness and good fortunes, in both the worlds: this and the Hereafter.