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Islam has formulated some rules for the human society which guarantee the security of this society, despite different beliefs and religions of countries. Islam has promoted political, economic,  cultural and social cooperation among different nations.  Similarly, Islam has formulated a proper system to mnimise the disasters of war; and the contributions that Islam has made in the field of international relations are the foremost and the best teachings in this field which the world of humanity has ever known.


Islam formulated the system of agreement and ambassadorship; it gave complete protection to the ambassadors of other countries and wrote letters of invitation to those countries.


Islam allowed the transaction in Persian and Roman currencies in its initial stages till the time came when the real Islamic currency came into being. In the same manner, Islam has allowed free business. Non-Muslim traders used to enter in the Islamic countries along with their trade supplies and they had to pay a portion of their wealth to that Islamic country, which is usually called ‘Ushoor’ (tenth portion). In the same way, when Muslim traders enter into the non-Muslim countries along with their trade, they used to pay a portion of their wealth to that government.



Islam has made lawful to eat the animals slaughtered by the people of the book and also allowed to marry their women. In addition, Muslims are ordered to treat them with kindness and justice, and to make peace with them as long as they do not exhibit sings of hostility, injustice and treachery. Muslims are also ordered to be aware of them.

Cultural ASPECT

Islam has permitted the Muslims to exchange their culture with non-Muslims, to learn their languages, provided that such exchange does not conflict with the rules of Islamic law. This is why the Muslims in the early ages would learn the non-Muslims’ languages in order to spread the message of Islam and to keep themselves protected from their treachery. Likewise, they translated numerous books of different languages into Arabic.


Islam has formulated specific rules and regulations for war and peace, which protected the humanity from destructions and consequences of war and fighting. Islam introduced unprecedented  war ethics which were never known to the humanity before.