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Formalities of Disbursal of Zakat

  1. Zakat money should be set aside voluntarily and with good will.
  2. One should try to give quality items out of commodities.
  3. One should avoid ostentation. Zakat money should be given secretly.
  4. To keep safe from the temptations one should hand over his zakat money to some other person for disbursal among the poor.
  5. He must choose only those who are known to be indigent but who cannot raise their hands for help out of self-respect. Preference should be given to one’s own kinsmen.
  6. In obedience to the command of Allah (Ta’ala) one should dispose of zakat money at the earliest and should avoid delay and procrastination.
  7. While giving zakat the giver should recite this prayer: اللھم اجعلھا مغنماًولا تجعلھا مغرماً “O my God please make it an asset and do not make it a liability”. And the taker should pray: اجرک اللہ فیما اعطیت وبارک لک فیما ابقیت وجعلہ لک طھوراً “ May God reward you for what you have given and bless you in what you have retained and make it pure for you”.
  8. The giver should not disclose to the taker that it is zakat money so that his sense of honour and self-respect is not injured.