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Concentration in Salat

  Salat is nothing but communion with Allah Almighty. When a true believer stands in audience before his Creator his heart trembles at the idea of the divine grandeur. He stands there with all reverence. He gets sad recalling his shortcomings and out of humility almost forgets his own existence. It is narrated about Hadrat Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth successor of the Prophet and the Commander of the Faithful that whenever the time of a salat approached the colour of his face changed. When asked for reason he replied that the time for bearing that trust has arrived which was refused by the heavens, planets and the mountains. But a weakling like me bore that trust. Now this state of uneasiness is due to the bearing of this trust.


A well-known Taba’ie (Companion of Prophet’s companion) was asked about how he offered salat?  He replied “When the time of salat comes, I take ablution properly and go to where I am to offer the salat and sit there. When parts of my body become prepared for offering salat, I stand up to perform it, imagining that Ka’bah is infront of me and I am standing on the Sirat (A bridge set up over hell); on my right is paradise and on my left is hell; and the angel of death is standing behind me; and I think this is my last prayer. I stand infront of Allah in a state of hope and fear saying Allahu Akbar thinking of Allah’s greatness and glory. I recite from the holy Quran slowly and perfectly and bow down with extreme humility, then prostrate in acute submissiveness and devotion. I spread my left leg and sit on it while keeping the right leg upright on my toes. Although, I offer this prayer for Allah alone with sincerity, I do not know whetehr my salat will be accepted by Allah or not.

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