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Bounties of Paradise:

Likewise, among the bounties of Paradise are mentioned a variety of fruit, nuts and plants. They will always remain in bloom. They will never undergo autumn and keep ever green. Allah declared:

وَفَاكِهَةٍ كَثِيرَةٍ (32) لا مَقْطُوعَةٍ وَلا مَمْنُوعَةٍ (33) وَفُرُشٍ مَرْفُوعَةٍ (34) (الواقعة : 32-34)

(Translation of meaning) [“And fruit in plenty. Neither out of reach nor yet forbidden And raised couches; (Al-Wa’qiah: 32-33)].

Describing the Paradise, the Prophet of Allah (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

One from amongst the inmates of Paradise will be tempted to seek Allah’s permission to engage in cultivation in Paradise. Allah the Almighty will inquire: Aren’t these bounties enough for you? He will say yes they are enough but my inclination is for cultivation. Permission will be granted. The affair of his cultivation will be such that as soon as he sows the seeds they sprout and grow big leaves and the plant grows to the size of a mountain. At that Allah Almighty will say: Move away O son of Adam. Nothing can fill your stomach. One of his Companions hailing from village asked: O Messenger of Allah! Such treatment will be meted either to Quraishis or Ansaris because these are the people who engage in agriculture. We are not concerned with agriculture. The Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was pleased with this comment and laughed (Bukhari).

About the rivers of Paradise it is said that the taste of their water will never change. There will be also running rivers of honey and pure wine, both of exquisite flavour and delicious.

وَبَشِّرْ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ أَنَّ لَهُمْ جَنَّاتٍ تَجْرِي مِنْ تَحْتِهَا الأَنْهَارُ(25) (البقرة : 25)

(Translation of meaning) [“And give glad tidings [O Muhammad] unto those who believe and do good works; that theirs are Gardens underneath which rivers flow; as often as they are regaled with food of the fruit thereof, they say: This is what was given us aforetime; and it is given to them in resemblance. There for them are pure companions; there forever they abide” (Al-Baqarah: 25)].

Allah says on another occasion:

مَثَلُ الْجَنَّةِ الَّتِي وُعِدَ الْمُتَّقُونَ فِيهَا أَنْهَارٌ مِنْ مَاءٍ غَيْرِ آسِنٍ وَأَنْهَارٌ مِنْ لَبَنٍ لَمْ يَتَغَيَّرْ طَعْمُهُ وَأَنْهَارٌ مِنْ خَمْرٍ لَذَّةٍ لِلشَّارِبِينَ وَأَنْهَارٌ مِنْ عَسَلٍ مُصَفًّى وَلَهُمْ فِيهَا مِنْ كُلِّ الثَّمَرَاتِ وَمَغْفِرَةٌ مِنْ رَبِّهِمْ (محمد : 15)

(Translation of meaning) [“A similitude of the Garden which those who keep their duty [to Allah] are promised; Therein are rivers of water unpolluted, and rivers of milk whereof the flavour changeth not, and rivers of wine delicious to drinkers, and rivers of clear-run honey; therein for them is pardon from their Lord. (Muhammad: 15)].

According to another tradition:

«إِنَّ فِي الْجَنَّةِ لَسُوقًا، يَأْتُونَهَا كُلَّ جُمُعَةٍ، فَتَهُبُّ رِيحُ الشَّمَالِ فَتَحْثُو فِي وُجُوهِهِمْ وَثِيَابِهِمْ، فَيَزْدَادُونَ حُسْنًا وَجَمَالًا، فَيَرْجِعُونَ إِلَى أَهْلِيهِمْ وَقَدِ ازْدَادُوا حُسْنًا وَجَمَالًا، فَيَقُولُ لَهُمْ أَهْلُوهُمْ: وَاللهِ لَقَدِ ازْدَدْتُمْ بَعْدَنَا حُسْنًا وَجَمَالًا، فَيَقُولُونَ: وَأَنْتُمْ، وَاللهِ لَقَدِ ازْدَدْتُمْ بَعْدَنَا حُسْنًا وَجَمَالًا »  (مسلم)

(Translation of meaning) Paradise will also have shopping malls which will be visited by the inmates on Fridays. There cool winds bearing rain clouds will blow making the inmates more beautiful than they were so much that their family members will talk about that (Muslim).

The articles of daily use for the inmates have been mentioned in the Quran in these words:

فِيهَا سُرُرٌ مَرْفُوعَةٌ (13) وَأَكْوَابٌ مَوْضُوعَةٌ (14) وَنَمَارِقُ مَصْفُوفَةٌ (15) وَزَرَابِيُّ مَبْثُوثَةٌ (16)  (الغاشية:13-16)

(Translation of meaning)  [Wherein are couches raised (13) And goblets set at hand (14) And cushions ranged] (15) And silken carpets spread(16) (Al-Ghashiyah : 13-16)

At another place Allah says:

وَيُطَافُ عَلَيْهِمْ بِآنِيَةٍ مِنْ فِضَّةٍ وَأَكْوَابٍ كَانَتْ قَوَارِيرَ (15) قَوَارِيرَ مِنْ فِضَّةٍ قَدَّرُوهَا تَقْدِيراً (16) (الإنسان :15-16)

(Translation of meaning) [Goblets of silver are brought round for them, and beakers (as) of glass (15) (Bright as) glass but (made) of silver, which they (themselves) have measured to the measure (of their deeds). (Al-Insan: 15-16)

Allah almighty mentions the garments and ornaments of inmates of paradise in these words:

يُحَلَّوْنَ فِيهَا مِنْ أَسَاوِرَ مِنْ ذَهَبٍ وَلُؤْلُؤاً وَلِبَاسُهُمْ فِيهَا حَرِيرٌ (الحج : 23)

(Translation of meaning) [“ wherein they will be allowed armlets of gold, and pearls, and their raiment therein will be silk” (Al-Hajj: 23)].

The Quran further informs:

عَالِيَهُمْ ثِيَابُ سُندُسٍ خُضْرٌ وَإِسْتَبْرَقٌ وَحُلُّوا أَسَاوِرَ مِنْ فِضَّةٍ وَسَقَاهُمْ رَبُّهُمْ شَرَاباً طَهُوراً (الإنسان:21)

(Translation of meaning) [“Their raiment will be fine green silk and gold embroidery. Bracelets of silver will they wear. Their Lord will slake their thirst with a pure drink” (Al-Insan: 21)].   

The inmates of Paradise will be served by the angels at every step, as ordained by Allah:

وَالْمَلائِكَةُ يَدْخُلُونَ عَلَيْهِمْ مِنْ كُلِّ بَابٍ (23) سَلامٌ عَلَيْكُمْ بِمَا صَبَرْتُمْ فَنِعْمَ عُقْبَى الدَّارِ (24) (الرعد :23-24)

(Translation of meaning) [“The angels enter unto them from every gate.  [Saying] Peace be unto you because ye persevered. Ah, passing sweet will be the sequel of the [heavenly] Home” (Ar-Ra’d: 23-24)].

The milieu of Paradise has been described in this way:

لا يَسْمَعُونَ فِيهَا لَغْواً وَلا تَأْثِيماً (25) إِلاَّ قِيلاً سَلاماً سَلاماً (26) (الواقعة : 25-26)

(Translation of meaning) [“There they hear no vain speaking nor recrimination. [Naught] but the saying Peace, [and again] Peace” (Al-Wa’qiah: 25-26).

And further:

دَعْوَاهُمْ فِيهَا سُبْحَانَكَ اللَّهُمَّ وَتَحِيَّتُهُمْ فِيهَا سَلامٌ وَآخِرُ دَعْوَاهُمْ أَنْ الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ (يونس:10)

(Translation of meaning) [“Their prayer therein will be: Glory be to Thee, O Allah! And their greeting therein will be: Peace. And the conclusion of their prayer will be: Peace be to Allah, Lord of the worlds!” (Yunus: 10)].

The servants and services provided to the inmates of Paradise have been described thus:

يَطُوفُ عَلَيْهِمْ وِلْدَانٌ مُخَلَّدُونَ (17) بِأَكْوَابٍ وَأَبَارِيقَ وَكَأْسٍ مِنْ مَعِينٍ (18) لا يُصَدَّعُونَ عَنْهَا وَلا يُنزِفُونَ (19) وَفَاكِهَةٍ مِمَّا يَتَخَيَّرُونَ (20) وَلَحْمِ طَيْرٍ مِمَّا يَشْتَهُونَ (21) (الواقعة : 17-21)

(Translation of meaning) [“There wait on them immortal youth. With bowls and ewers and a cup from a pure spring. Wherefrom they get no aching of the head nor any madness.  And fruit that they prefer. And flesh of fowl that they desire” (Al-Waqiah: 17-21)].

One of the magnificent blessings of Paradise will be this that Allah will infuse in the hearts of all inmates the love of each other. Nobody will have any ill-feelings for others. They will live in perfect peace, harmony and amity.  Thus Allah proclaims:

إِنَّ الْمُتَّقِينَ فِي جَنَّاتٍ وَعُيُونٍ (45) ادْخُلُوهَا بِسَلامٍ آمِنِينَ (46) وَنَزَعْنَا مَا فِي صُدُورِهِمْ مِنْ غِلٍّ إِخْوَاناً عَلَى سُرُرٍ مُتَقَابِلِينَ (47) لا يَمَسُّهُمْ فِيهَا نَصَبٌ وَمَا هُمْ مِنْهَا بِمُخْرَجِينَ (48) (الحجر:45-48)

(Translation of meaning) [“Lo! Those who ward off [evil] are among gardens and water springs.  [And it is said unto them]: Enter them in peace, secure. And We remove whatever rancour may be in their breasts. As brethren, face to face, [they rest on couches raised. Toil cometh not unto them there, nor they be expelled from thence” (Al-Hijr: 45-48)].

The status of the last person to be admitted to Paradise has been explained by the Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in these words:

One person will be extricated from Hell and Allah will tell him to enter Paradise. He will proceed towards Paradise. Considering that Paradise would have been filled by now he will retreat and come back to Allah Almighty. He will tell Him O my God Paradise is filled up. He will say Paradise is filled up where I should go? Allah will order him again to enter Paradise saying there is room for you ten times of the world. At this the person will say:  O the owner of all majesty, O our Sovereign why are you playing joke against me? The narrator says that the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam appeared to be laughing as much as his laterals were visible. He appeared to be rejoicing at the prospect of the last man getting such a big place in Paradise (Al-Bukhari & Muslim).

When the reckoning will be over and those rewarded with Paradise will enter Paradise and those consigned to Hell will enter Hell then Death will be called for and slaughtered. Thereafter it will be announced that death has now ended. O inmates of Paradise now you will not meet death and O inmates of Hell you will never die. At this the inmates of Paradise will become greatly pleased and the inmates of Hell greatly sad (Al-Bukhari & Muslim).

It will be a good fortune of the believers that they will have a vision of Allah Almighty. The Quran declares:

وُجُوهٌ يَوْمَئِذٍ نَاضِرَةٌ (22) إِلَى رَبِّهَا نَاظِرَةٌ (23) (القيامة 22-23)

(Translation of meaning) [“That day will faces be resplendent, looking toward their Lord” (Al-Qiyamah: 22-23)].

Hadrat Jareer Bin Abdullah (RadhiAllahu Anhu) has narrated that:

We were in the company of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) when he pointed to the full moon of the fourteenth and said: You will see your Lord in Paradise just as you are seeing this moon. There will be no dazzling (Al-Bukhari, Abu Dawood, Ahmad). According to a tradition he recited this verse of the Quran:

لِلَّذِينَ أَحْسَنُوا الْحُسْنَى وَزِيَادَةٌ (26) (يونس :26)

(Translation of meaning) [“For those who do good is the best [reward] and more [thereto]. Neither dust nor ignominy cometh near their faces. Such are rightful owners of the Garden; they will abide therein” (Yunus: 26)].

After that the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said that:

When all the inmates of Paradise have entered it then Allah will ask them: Do you want anything more? The inmates will say: Have you not brightened our faces by fulfilling our wishes? Have you not rewarded us with Paradise and delivered us from Hell? The Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) went on to say that at this Allah Almighty will unveil Himself and will ask: What about this bounty? Certainly, the bounty of the vision of Allah will be the greatest (Muslim, Tirmizi, Ahmad).

The inmates of Paradise will be blessed with innumerable bounties from Allah Almighty. The most significant will be that their God will be pleased with them and they will never have the fear of the displeasure of their Lord. Thus it has been declared in the Quran:

وَعَدَ اللَّهُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ جَنَّاتٍ تَجْرِي مِنْ تَحْتِهَا الأَنْهَارُ خَالِدِينَ فِيهَا وَمَسَاكِنَ طَيِّبَةً فِي جَنَّاتِ عَدْنٍ وَرِضْوَانٌ مِنْ اللَّهِ أَكْبَرُ ذَلِكَ هُوَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُ (التوبة : 72)

(Translation of meaning) [“Allah promiseth to the believers, men and women, Gardens under which rivers flow, wherein they will abide—blessed dwellings in Gardens of Eden. And—greater [far]!—acceptance from Allah. That is the supreme triumph” (At-Taubah: 72)].

Allah will loudly announce to the inmates of Paradise: are you happy and content with what you have been granted? The inmates will respond by saying we are happy as you have given us what you did not give to others. Allah will then say: Look I am granting you the best of all. Surprised the people will ask: what can be better than this? Then Allah will say: I am granting you the testimony of my pleasure and acceptance. I shall never be displeased with you (Al-Bukhari & Muslim).

In sum, so much has been discussed in the Quran and sayings of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in great detail about Paradise and the inmates of Paradise. Since all this belongs to the World Hereafter the human mind is perplexed at finding their reality. We must, therefore, believe in all this without any doubt.